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Friday, June 3, 2011

A.P.E.K.A.H. I.N.I ? ? ?


Apekah?? 'Almond' shop???
[F-048 tu mcm bunyi fighter jet jer kn? kn???]

dalam sylibus art&craft year 3 this is - Corak geometri?

Membership 'Mickey Mouse Fun Club'???

[ran out of witty caption for this one] (-_-)

art pic ini saya namakan 
"The Hairy corner"??

Pintu lif 'To the Future'???

yeah2...i know u'll be asking WTF are these?? or Apekah ini?? if u do, then u're asking the right questions. And I guess by now u wld already know that i'm not Miss Syafiqah..haha.. big surprise!! [no?? (╯_╰)] 
why am I doin all these..well bcoz I can (¬‿¬)..duhh~~

Your Post today is brought to you by ur friendly ZOMBEE (⊙_◎) ENJOY!! 

Well this is how u do it hunny =P 
p/s - I LOVE YOU!!! (◕‿-)


  1. nak gak, xdpt lg!!! konfem mhl hoho

  2. xde mahal mna, yg penting hati ikhlas kan? hehhe...alah nora ko x lame lg tuh!


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