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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Secret Obsession

It's been a week since i last updated my blog.
You have to excuse me, considering I am currently living in the ice age, where no INTERNET is available.
But then again, i am pretty content with my life as it is.
It's nothing much, no luxurious things to shine my neck and ears, no branded handbags to decorate my elbow, no stylish-super-expensive cloth to cover my fair body.
But i am content with it, as it is.
One thing I'm not satisfied with, though, the fact that there is only 24 hours in a day.
I need more time in a day, to do lots and lots of stuff.
I wish there were 34 or 44 hours a day
Then only i can finish all my work in a day, and better yet, longer sleep!
But what is the use of crying over something you cannot change.
I just have to make my way through, then.
My life for the past week has been quiet.
But there was one day, at work, that made my week.
It was a really stupid obsession, really.
The scent of a perfume. A guy's perfume.
Not on a guy, I assure. (Shit, I think I made myself sounds so perv)
A room, i had to clean. 816, to be exact.
The room smelled of that perfume, even though the guests already left.
Oh, the jolly good feeling I had when I entered the room. The scent of the one and only guy's perfume I think is super good.
(oh, come on, we all know that guy's perfume usually smells like over-heated petrol!)
I didn't even like my dad's perfume.
He got those Mawi perfume, along with whats-her-name-sharifah-aliya's-sister. Then he gave it to my Mum.
I don't really understand why would he chooses that over his usual Paco Rabanne perfume.
Maybe he thinks its cute to have a couple's perfume.
But then, you can always find other brands.
There is always 'For Him' and 'For Her' perfume.
I guess, sometimes, people just want to feel young.
Ok, back to the story.
I super-duper freakin love that scent. It's nice, and it smells really good.
know it is weird, but it kinda makes me feel crazy.
This feeling of extreme likeness in you, that you feel like you could lost control.
All your sanity would just go out the window.

Anyways, I'm off for now. Need to finish my journal and novels, apart from my assignment.

Summer is so boring.

p/s: The perfume? Joop. I think the one in the purple bottle. Kot. I'm not too sure.

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