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Thursday, February 11, 2010

From the mind of an extreme carnivore

In my carnivorous state of mind, I had been craving for good steak for more than two weeks already. Along with this, comes with the desire need to try various steaks at various (mostly goddamn expensive) new places. Last two weeks, I have been thinking. 'Fuck money. I just want good food served before me'. This week I'm thinking, 'Fuck, I really need to watch out on my expanses!'

I found lots of bloggers who write about food, and what they ate at this posh restaurant, what they ate at that posh restaurants. To me it seems interesting to write about food, buy hey, in the financial situation that I'm in, I'm nowhere near qualified to write about food eaten in polish fine dinings. Still, I want to try and write about food, even if it's just for this 1 entry.

So here goes my budget food advice.


I tried the steak with high expectation, hearing from my friends and browsing through comments on the net. The queue to get into the restaurant itself was long, and we had to wait for about half an hour just to get a table. But when the food was served before my eyes (I had 10oz Aussie beef), I instantly know that it wont taste good. Hell, it doesn't even look good. I tried it nevertheless, and managed to finish it, being a carnivore that I am. The steak was dry, chewy like mentos, and the marinade sauce was rather tasteless. The mashed potato was surprisingly good, tho. I recommend you order mashed potato when you dine at Chili's, and forget about the steak. Rather noisy, not suitable for first dates whatsoever. Or when you are having a headache. It costs around rm130-150 for 2 people, and I would rather have char ketiau Stesen U, if you get what I mean.

Tony Roma's

I received a lot of positive feedback for this place, but it turns out to be one of those super expensive dining place, with poshed names, but average food. The staff were friendly nevertheless, but the quality of the food is rather unimpressive. I had 8oz sirloin steak, and my dinner companion had ribs. The steak was of better quality compared to Chili's, but not up to the expectation of it's name and restaurant. But at least it was chewable. The ribs were soft, but strangely sweet with a hint of spiciness. After a few bites, you might feel kinda dizzy from all the sweetness. Overall, it's a great experience dining there, and I would definitely say Tony Roma's if you are wondering whether to dine at Chili's or Tony Roma's. Plus the difference of the price of one meal was less that rm10 I think. Tony Roma's costs about rm150-170 for 2 people. So be ready to burn a huge hole in your pocket.

Fiske Steak House

One of the cheapest steak house I ever found. Located in the area of Wangsa Maju, this place might be a little difficult to spot since the location is not in a shopping mall. The atmosphere is more like a warung style, mostly because it's located among warungs. Next to it is Fiske Satay House, which I never tried before, but might someday. The most expensive meal on the menu is Mixed Grill, which is my favorite. It costs rm20 (yes, only rm20!) with a reasonably sized combination of lamb, chicken and beef grilled to perfection. So far this is my favorite place as it's affordable and within my budget range. Well, if I want to have steak twice a week at Tony Roma's, I would die of starvation for the next 2 million decade. Nevertheless, this is a good dining place for students with financial difficulties like myself. The quality is nothing to brag about, but at least the price is reasonable. Ask for extra black paper sauce, and they'll give you a whole bowl for free.

SEOUL Korean BBQ restaurant

Located at Plaza Pantai, Kerinchi LRT station, this restaurant surprised me. It's deco does not really reflect Korean restaurants, to be honest, but the food was yummy. It's a buffet restaurant, so you can eat till you bloat. It's very nice in a way that you cook your own food, so if you want raw, medium or well done, it's up to you. And the other good thing about it is that you can either cook the food like steamboat, or grill the meat on a hot pan. Truth be told, I didn't even touch the food in the steamboat pan, because I was busy turning over the meat on the grill. They have a variety of marinated beef and chicken and lamb and those fishballs you find in steamboats. The dessert was also good, ranging from agar-agar to pudding to ais kacang. Overall, I think this place is a good choice, but it is quite costly. rm48 per person for dinner buffet, rm 25++ for lunch buffet (but they might have less variety during lunch) and rm 21++ for students (from 12.30-2.30 only). And it's free for a birthday person accompanied by minimum of 5 paying adults, or 50% off for at least 1 paying adult.

Secret Recipe

DO NOT ORDER THE SPECIAL STEAK COMBO. The chunk of meat was braised, not grilled. The kind of meat you found in kenduri. Where people put them in gulai, but less tasty. The mushroom soup tastes like it was poured straight from a Campbell's can. Costs around rm70++ for 2 people. But trust me. you wouldn't want to eat there if you're craving for good steaks. Have a slice of cake instead, or have the brownies. Whatever you do, don't have the steak combo whatsoever. Remember, you have been warned.

All this food talk is making me feel hungry. Damn. Should go and search for food now. The carnivorous instinct is kicking in again. Till next time.

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