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Sunday, February 21, 2010


What do you do when the person you trust most in this whole universe, breaks your heart and throw the pieces at your face? Do you cry? Do you get even? Do you commit suicide?


  1. you are allowed to cry first babe.
    then u can stand up tall, pick up the pieces and am sure u will be a smarter, better and stronger person when u finish picking everything up.
    and that my dear, is how you can get even.

    shove it in dat person's face babe!

  2. as sab mentioned, u r allowed to cry and cry and cry.
    but please don't do the last one on your list.

    p/s: don't hesitate to find me ok bila nak meroyan. i'll be there for u.

  3. sab n miza, thanks a lot. i know I cant help doing d 1st one, and I'm sure I'll do d 2nd one. but d last one? he's just not worth it. never worth it.


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