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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Summing up 2010 with pictures. Lots of pictures.

I've been looking through my old posts, and the stuff that were there seems like they were not written by me. Haha. But actually, yes, they were. What I learnt is that I had too much words in my posts. Too wordy. Perhaps this year I'm going to change my style to updating more pictures. Yes. Kalau rajin la, of course.

So here goes. Summing up my 2010. I've seen, did and learnt a lot.

Phuket holiday. Patong Beach, Phuket. January 2010.

Picnic, Bukit Ayer, Perlis. February 2010.

Kursus kahwin. Auditorium IPBA, KL, April 2010.

New Zealand visit. Auckland, Rotorua, Hamilton, May 2010.

Choc's wedding. Tanah Merah, Alor Star, June 2010.

Ronda-ronda Perlis. Around Perlis, July 2010.

Langkawi getaway. Around Langkawi, July 2010.

Mural painting. SMK Bandar Damai Perdana, Cheras, August 2010.

I turned 22. Outback Steak House, Bangsar, August 2010.

Belated birthday dinner. The Curve, August 2010.

Breaking fast. Riang-riang, Kg. Kerinchi, KL, August 2010.

Makan2 @ Dzeti's. Jelatek, September 2010.

Eidul Fitri. Changlun, Kedah, September 2010.

Sani sakit. Ampang Putri Specialist Hospital, Ampang, September 2010.

Meeting Faris. Mid Valley Megamall, KL, September 2010.

Secret Recipe Lunch (Unplanned reunion with Mazni). Jitra, Kedah, September 2010.

Raya celebration SMKBDP. Cheras, September 2010.

Raya Open House. Cheras, September 2010.

Farewell SMKBDP. Cheras, September 2010.

BERNAS Treasure Hunt. All the way from KL to Cherating, October 2010.

Faiz Fahmi's wedding. Pendang, Kedah, November 2010.

Ariff & Ainul's solemnization. Arau, Perlis, December 2010.

Ariff & Ainul's wedding (Bride's side). Arau, Perlis, December 2010.

Ariff & Ainul's wedding (Groom's side). Abi, Perlis, December 2010.

Toy Museum. Penang, December 2010.

Barbeque @ Aiman's. Kangar, Perlis, December 2010.

Most of the pictures here were not edited (or maybe all of them. Hurm...)
The reason is a simple word with 5 letters, which starts with S.
Hint: One of the 7 deadliest sins.

p/s: sesetengah gambar is without me because I wasn't wearing any hijab. Gonna really try this year. Insyaallah.


  1. hyee salam perkenalan..
    wahh cantiknya dia :)

  2. hye, salam perkenala. juge...hehe thanks ye. kamu pon cantik juge. semua makhluk tuhan pon cantik, kan? =)

  3. salam..
    hi pika thanks a lot 4 vsiting mine ^^
    a'ahh ur so beautiful n i like ur style dear..simple but stylish..
    nice meeting u yarr..

  4. my style? im not sure if i have a style hihihi but thanks so much for the warm comments!


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