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Monday, January 24, 2011

Calling all hijab enthusiast!

I'm here to help promote a blog by a very dear friend of mine, Miza Yunus. We were classmates in Auckland, NZ and we even worked part time at the same place. 

She has had this blog since 2010 and it sells lotssss of lovely scarfs! And what's better? She even puts up a number of free tutorials on how to wear hijab. 

Some of the newest hijabs for sale

Exclusive hijabs. Aren't they adorable? But sadly I can't afford them. =(

So for those who are interested, please do visit her here!

The name of the blog is so cute too. ofscarfandspice. ;p


  1. hi Pika, i would like to know how was your experience of wearing a hijab at new zealand. was the people ok? did they treat you the same way as they treated others?
    i would like to share your experience because i want to wear a hijab but im sfraid if there is any discrimination or anything like that.
    hope you reply, it would mean a lot to me :)

    1. Dear Sari, firstly congartulations sister, for making this decision! To be honest, when I was studying in NZ, I wasn't wearing a hijab then. I only started to wear it when I came back to Malaysia. But when I was studying, a lot of my Malay and Arabic friends wore hijab in NZ. Truthfully, the people in NZ are very kind, they never discriminate you make fun of you just because you're a Muslim and wear a hijab. Most of them are very interested to hear about the concept of hijab, really! Don't believe the nasty rumors that foreigners are racist and will discriminate you. I believed it a lil bit before I actually went to NZ. To be honest, the place was magnificent! The people were kind, kinder than the people here in Malaysia (REALLY!) and the scenery is magnificent. There are a lot of Muslim community in NZ, so you will never feel out-of place. Good luck on your journey! Feel free to drop me any question :)


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