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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Checklist [sticky note]

First of all, this check list is more like a personal reminder for me because I know if I write it here, I won't forget. I forget a lot of things, seriously. Just last night I found my hidden stash of money. I was hiding it from myself (what?) to pay my dentist, maybe 4-5 months ago, and I forgot. Last night I found it and I'm thrilled! Because now I have an extra RM300 to shop, and to pay my dentist next week! Hopeless, I know. Damn, I can't even memorize my parents' phone number. That's how bad I am at numbers.

Ok now, back to the check list.

- kurung moden - DONE
- tudung - DONE
- veil - DONE
- kerawang on tudung - I don't know where to find one! Help!
- shoes - DONE

- 60% done (tapak and flowers)
- barang hantaran: not done yet
- pick up cheese tart and apam polkadot from K. Sityaiza (26 Nov, 10 am, Taman Sri Meranti)
- pick up cupcakes and cake from K. Rani (26 Nov, 10 am, Taman Seraya)
- pick up handmade chocolate bouquet from MizaShoppe - DONE
- need to get kain pasang from Zombee on 24 Nov

- Lunch: Catering (Abah handle) - DONE
- menu: Nasi tomato, ayam masak merah, daging kicap, dalca, fruits, etc - DONE
- Tea time: Cucur udang, tea, coffee (Mama handle) - DONE

Guest list
- informal invitations - DONE

Favour bags
- 70% done
- need to print out the labels
- items in goodie bags is 70% done
- Zombee is designing, printing and mailing the thank you tags

- so far I decided to do my own make up
- need a new mascara
- need a new face powder

- last minute photographer unavailabilty: My friends will be the photographers instead
- need pictures for photobook by 10 December 2011

Okay, when I lay all of it out like this, it's frightening how much needed to be done in a short time!!! *breath in, breath out* I have this (misleading) idea that towards the end of the year, my workload will miracously go off my shoulder because my students are having their final exams. No p&p. I couldn't have been more wrong. Now I get 1 more class added to my timetable, and it's a F5 class. The teacher of that class never taught them anything and only give notes/sample essays every time he enters the class. They even told me, "Teacher, subjek English, kami tak belajar apa-apa lagi tahun ni. Takut fail, teacher." And now he has chicken pox so the kids just sit and chat during 5 periods of English throughout the week. They asked for my help and I agreed to enter their class during English periods. Kesian. Dah la kelas belakang. At least they have the 'kesedaran' to pass English kan. To top that busy schedule, I also have extra classes with them every Friday. And also, I have to invigilate for SPM, help mom with her assignments, babysit when mom goes off to study. In the middle of all that, I am going to get engaged. Betul ka ni???!!

p/s: Somehow, my priority atm is work. Not my private life. Zombee said I'm turning into a good teacher. But, I don't want to. 


  1. Excited aku dok bc ni ha.. Hg cr kerawang ape pkah? Kat cni aku taula ada jmp byk. Tp xmcm jauh benor kerawang ko johor mari. Haha!

  2. syin: thanks dear~

    atie: kerawang yg orang kawen pakai atas tudung tu...aku xtaw nk cr kt mana kat sini. bridal house ada kot. tp segan nk msuk sorang2. syafiq jauh. ni yg susah dok jauh ni. nk planning susah huhu -_-

  3. Lorh ciannye. Hg pi la tarik sape2 teman. Bagus gak ada second opinion.

  4. haiyohh.. punya ak tulis panjang dia boleh hilang.. hoho...

    ak ckp td... takutnyaaaa tgk checklist.. but it is good to have checklist and take one thing at a time, lame2 smua abes kn?

    and also ak ckp, you are not becoming a good teacher, you are one already :)

    andddd kalo ko nk ak tlg ape2, do let me know beb. seriously. i mean it. :) ak doa segala urusan dpmudahkan.. amiin...

  5. thanks for d offer syanis, so sweet! ini br mjlis kecik, kawen nnt xtaw la cmna... lg pening punyalah. InsyaAllah akan cuba uruskan satu per satu dlm msa x smpai sebula ni. cuti skolah plak plak kena jaga spm so mmg x cuti sgt la. wish me luck! :)

  6. pikah syg, when's urs? uwaaaa byk gak 2 dh cyap prep, aku bce ngan aku pon skli riso cm xready pape sgt huuuu

  7. insyaAllah, hjng bln ni. hg pnya bila babe? xpe nora, buat pelan2...aku cuti ni kena jaga spm, so x cuti sgt la. tu yg siapkan awal tu... :)


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