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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wedding photograph ideas

I'm way far ahead of myself here. But it's nice looking around the internet to browse through wedding pictures, isn't it? Okay don't answer that. Now lets have a look...

Stolen moments kind of photograph. It looks really amazing as portraits pictures. I love the idea of the bride and groom is sort of an 'excessories' to the photo. No faces, just figures. But it doesn't mean that they are not the main focus of the picture though. There is balance between the married couple and the beautiful surroundings. Amazing.

Classic black and white. As the name suggest, classy. I figured even a baby can edit pictures to black and white. But the moments captured in the photos need to be special, extraordinary. The angle. The size. The proportion. Only then the photos will look stunning in black and white. And again, you don't have to get the shots of the faces of the couple to get a great photo. Like in the first black and white picture. Just hands is necessary.

'Softened' black and white photos with the hint of colours. Zombee used to edit pictures like these and send them to me. It's just classically elegant. Seems like old pictures. Gives you the idea of memories. Good memories. Mesmerizingly one of a kind. 

Polaroid-ish. Simple and stunning. Very similar to the black and white photos but this one has a more  unorthodox feeling to it. Seems 'informal' but in a good way of course. Again, the moment, angle, size, everything needs to be taken into special consideration. 

Photos with edited colour temperature, tint and saturation. Easy editing. But I love how this photo put some emphasis on the yellow trees. And the playful sunlight just add extra touch to the already beautiful natural background. Very artistic. Nature is incredible isn't it?

My favourite. A very simple picture, yet the beauty is there. Kudos for emphasizing the background. At night! Little editing was done. But night time wedding pictures? You don't see that too often, do you? Natural looking and very sophisticated. And you don't sweat as mush as the afternoon weather too. But your OP needs to be a genius playing with lights.

P/S: Notice how I like pictures that DO NOT emphasize on the faces of the bride and groom? 


  1. okay honey, i'll think abt it. :)

  2. lol.. pikah, i thought about mine too (padahal takde proposal lagi pun)... a lot.. lol..

    for me, i actually want a series of photos that act as our love story, from the beginning... with special personal elements like him insisting we shared an umbrella, our walks on the otago bay bridge etc..lol.. well girls can dream right ;)

  3. that's so sweet felicia... then, maybe u can compile the pictures and make a photobook for yr many many children n grandchildren to see! it'll be so romantic and sweet :)


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