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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Am I a dead bride?

Halloween is almost here.
Next week, to be exact.
But we had an early celebration cuz next week is Exam week!!!!
We dressed up, ate some yummilicious food, played games and chat.

It was a fun night, except for the fact that we turned up at 9pm and no one was there although the event was supposed to start at 8pm!
Well, eventually it started at almost 10pm.

I didn't have enough time to prepare my nails and just go without them, although I supposed to have plenty of time considering that it started at 10pm.
My costume was not complete, but I think last night was really fun.
Looking at other people dressing up was fun as well! =)
I went as the corpse bride, and Mr. Katayama went as Sack Boy from the game Little Big planet.

It was an awesome night, but we retreated early (1am!!!) cuz we were all sooo tired, while most of the guests stayed for a horror movie. Will surely remember that night! =P


  1. looks so fun... tapi nak merajuk sebab tak ajak... huhu...

  2. i was juzz 1 of da guests hun! d engineering ppl organized it n we juz attended n ate a lot. lol. sorry... *hugz*

  3. its alright babe, just joking~ hehe... *hugz*


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