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Thursday, October 29, 2009

I am sorry, and you should be too.

Sometimes, some people just hurt us the way that we can never easily forget, and forgive.

Even though the mouth says 'Yes, I forgive you' but the heart says 'I can never forgive you. You will repeat the same mistake, again and again and again.'

The heart is a delicate organ, and damages it receives will cause a permanent scar. And the scar never heals.

It's even harder when someone else is trying to heal the scar, rather than the person causing it. I'm not unfaithful, and never will I be, but I am also not strong. One day, I might fall apart and someone else will pick me up. Someone else.

Lately my mind has been everywhere. All I think about is how you are treating me, and how I might be treated if I had chosen someone else. I am not being proud or over-confident, as I know my place. But everyone longs for a loving relationship, and I am no exception.

But I still have one more chance to spare. Prove to me that you are the person I thought you were. Prove to me that you are worthy of my time and love. Prove to me that I was right, choosing you in the first place.

Because I'm scared too, that I might have been be wrong.

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