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Sunday, October 25, 2009

I refuse to know the date!

It's sad when I think about going back to Malaysia for good.

However the other half is jumping in delight thinking about all the yummy food I could swallow once I find my feet on the Malaysian ground. Not to mention being able to see my loving family after two whole years.

But then again, leaving close peeps here in Auckland makes me sad. I won't deny that I HEART Auckland. Everytime I realize what is the date of the day, my heart sinks. Damn. One day closer.

Ah, mixed feeling. Now I'm working my ass out, 1: To earn extra money for end-of-year-last-NZ-trip. 2: To avoid myself crying over the littlest things, like, yeah, going back to Malaysia for good, and whatnot.

And leaving Mr. Katayama alone, to fend for himself, I'm really worried. I mean, REALLY.

He never eats on time. Never sleeps on time. Never wakes up on time.

Everything needs reminding.

I lost count of how many times I told him, "I'm not your Mom. Grow up, please."

But then again, some people are just not perfect, and their little imperfection is what makes them perfect for us. No? Yes? You decide.

I'll surely miss his random 'gas bomb' when I'm not here.

I'll surely remember his 'sleezy face' when I'm not here.

I'll surely miss his stupid jokes when I'm not here.

And I'll surely remember him, the most. THE MOST.

p/s: More than once, I thought about cloning him. Yes, make a clone. That would be nice (who cares about illegal?). Or if everything else fails, I'll just kidnap the poor guy. Maybe no one will notice. Fingers crossed.


  1. babe, can totally feel you... haih... we are all in the same boat... balik msia kena saling support each other k.. ;)

  2. yes2 yes. most of us would probably have d same prob ble blk msia. well xcept for dzt, min, wira, acap. so jelous!!! xpe2 lets go shoppin in msia, so we'll forget all our misery! yeah!

  3. first of all, hahahaha. Jiwang entry ko nyah~

    second of all, JIWANG GILEEEE. saja ja nak emphasis byak2 kali.

    lastly, i dun think anyone will EVER notice him gone. plus, he can fit in the boxes to be shipped home. I know he fits since Hisyam can too.

  4. haha bukan slalu entry2 jiwang. tambah2 bila gadoh, hati duka lara, jiwa meronta-ronta.

    Oh yes, I know hisyam can fit in too. haha. mebi i shud just snuck him out to msia. buat hamba abdi. yes!!!!


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