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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I'm doomed. I had a good relationship but I managed to destroy it single handedly. Tak reti bersyukur. What happened to my friends don't happen to me, but I'm still the selfish brat I used to be. I destroyed a good relationship, someone's trust, and a good heart. All for my own alter ego. Maybe Dzeti was right. Maybe I was, and still am, a selfish brat. I don't deserve anyone. I'm so sorry.


  1. what did i say?

    what happen ni?
    be tough. see you soo

  2. beb, kenapakah? sabar eh.. jgn sedey2. nanti jumpa, ati wat tarian bear (Poo si kung fu panda) hehe

  3. dzeti: good ol fight. haha remmeber last year u used to say i'm a brat? betolla aku rsa. juz realize it betol2. will c u in ipba soon bebeh!

    miza: u shud know now. told u td. hehe.

    atie: am looking forward to your tarian panda! haha...rindu hampa weh.

  4. aku nak tgk tarian panda ati jugak. hahaha. videokan. you tubekan. yessss

  5. oi2 ape citer tarian panda aku nih weyh.. haha
    matilh aku di utube kn


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