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Thursday, December 17, 2009

My status right now: Sucks

My parents are trying to tie me down by buying everything that I want.

I guess they can sense that I was bored to death on my third day at home.

So now, I can just say the word, they will get me anything I want.

But hey, come on, how many luxurious stuff can you find in this hell-hole of a town?

I even made my dad crazy looking around for cucur cempedak cuz I was craving for it, and apparently it's not the cempedak season.But he managed to find it anyways.

I miss my life in Auckland.

p/s: I just realized I don't have a picture at Auckland Skycity. Or anywhere near it. Shitty shit.


  1. agree. lifes hard here at KT too. friends not really around, and you suddnely have parents arpund asking you to do this and that all the time (at least in my situation). ive been DIYing and watching soap opera to kill the time. not to mention running errands for mom - beli sayur, beli ayam, beli kicap blablabla...

  2. to miza n nigel: couldnt agree more. nige, im doing errands too. not to mentione babysitting my 5 years old baby brother, which means i can never leave the house w/o him. and to top that, my mom is studying at penang and is only home on weekends, so i have to be in charge of the house. to make it worse, she made me do her assignments every week. abt 2/3 assignment per week. what a life, huh?

  3. you now already have picture with auckland sky tower. while holding giapo ice creams in both hands =)


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