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Monday, February 7, 2011

Pelangi petang

Bila Allah turunkan bala, Dia juga akan turunkan rahmat. Sebab tu ada pelangi lepas hujan, kan? =)

Alhamdulillah, starting from tomorrow I will start my duty as an English teacher at SMK Megat Dewa. May Allah help me with everything, and makes my journey sweet, wonderful. Ameen.

Oh, yeah, dapat duduk rumah juga. Internet laju, no need to pay the rent, free water/power, free FOOD, vast part time job opportunities and the choices to further my studies. I feel so blessed, really. 



  1. wah.. teaching with the comforts of home! what a blessing. all the best pikah, hv fun wit d kids! =)

  2. yes, got lucky to be teaching near home. but again, I have to commute so early in the morning. Thanks Ain. goodluck to u too ok!

  3. seriously?
    SMK megat Dewa?
    hey,,dats my sis' former skool.
    n,,my granma's house is lik 15min from der.
    wat a small world.
    blogger gathering anytym?

  4. Raihana: Really? hehe dekat je kita. boleh2. nak jumpa bila? kena plan awal2 sbb banyak kerja okeh jd cikgu hehe


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