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Friday, March 11, 2011

One of those stories you heard

You know those stories you heard about how Arif meets Arifah, how Syahir found Syahirah, how Razlan was destined with Razlina. Well, this is one of those stories. This is the story of how Syafiq stumbled upon Syafiqah. 

On a more serious note, much love and prayer goes to those who suffered the Japan tsunami hit. Tsunami is also expected to hit Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia anytime soon. I guess Mother Earth is angry now.


  1. sweet sgt~


    n,,my sis is in japan now.tokyo.

    so im praying hard.

  2. oh yr sis is there? whereabout in japan is she? pray hard, and God will surely listen. I hope she'll be okay. *hugs*

  3. awwwwww..............xde button like ek

  4. hehe xde sori2 tp u cn show yr love thru comments kn? hehe

  5. ohhh...hai! hello......


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