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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pre-loved items on SALE coming soon!

Assalamualaikum all... Kia Ora!!!

In approximately another 1 week, I'll be having my mid-term holidays (yeay!) so I'm thinking of clearing most of my tops/pants/accessories/t-shirts/dresses/shoes to make room for the new ones coming in, when I got my first salary in perhaps 3 months time (big dreamer, yes I am!).

I'll be posting the pictures here @ this blog and those who are interested can just leave a message or PM me.  Prices are negotiable. Those who are reading, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE promote the sale to your friends, on your blog, at your FB page, anywhere! Feel free to backlink me. The more exposure the better! If possible I want to get rid of the stuff asap in the one week holidays, so buyers are MOST welcomed. Helping another Muslim sister out is so sexy, don't you think? (hehe nak pancing je ni...). 

But but but...here is a sneak peak of some of the items that will be on sale! *price is NOT INCLUSIVE postage*

CODE: 01
Greenish turquoise cocktail dress. BRAND NEW. NEVER WORN. No tag. No brand. In very good condition. Shiny+wedding dress-ish material (not too sure). I bought this at New Zealand for 40 dollars (appx. RM90). Selling for RM 50 (Can fit size XS, S and M. The ribbon will help you loosen/fasten the hip part of the dress at your desire.
Cute gigantic bow at the left side of the dress (hip level)
Some frills/net-like materials (like the ones you found on kebayas) at the bottom of the dress
Stretchable material the the back to ensure comfort!
CODE: 02

Black cheongsam with bright red tiny flower details. Material is part silk. In very good condition. Can fit size XS, S and M. No brand. The tag says size 18 but it's not that big lah! BRAND NEW. NEVER WORN. Bought this at Lantern Festival, Auckland, NZ. Selling for RM 50.
Details of the flowers
CODE: 03

Rolling Stones Bedazzled t-shirt. PRE-LOVED. No brand. In very good condition. Colour: Black. Can fit size XS, S and M.  Stretchy cotton material. Selling for RM8.
Details of the bedazzled RS logo.
CODE: 04

Comma ruffled baby blue halter neck. BRAND NEW. NEVER WORN. Tag is still on. Material: Cooling, stretchy cotton. Original price on tag: RM20. Selling for RM 5.
I apologize for the quality of the pictures, for these are taken with my phone's camera. Will upload better pictures from my camera soon, when the real sale is on.

Lastly, words of wisdom for today:

My dear beloved sisters,

It is not always what you wear on your head,
But what you bear in your heart.


  1. wow.d cheongsam is uperb.

    but cant.

    stil a student=(

  2. thank you... Raihana, cn u do me a favour and spread the words? pretty please.... *batting eyelashes* ;)

    Thanks in advance!

  3. I will.

    d outfit is cute but cheap.

    maybe people hav 2 line up 2 buy;)

  4. iliketobuystuffsMarch 3, 2011 at 9:33 PM

    hi pika! sayer berminat la nk beli. mcm mne klau nk beli smue ek?? wt do i hv to do??

  5. can i buy them all!!!

  6. thanks syin! huhu. moga2 laku la, nk clear closet cepat


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