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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Assalamualaikum! Hello readers! Today I want to try and join this GA. It's been a long long time since I last entered one. And this GA uses Spongebob & Patrick's banner! my baby brother is the BIGGEST fan of Spongebob and Patrick, and 'tempias' a little to his eldest sister ni! Tak percaya, cuba tengok beg sekolah budak ni:

Okay, less on Spongebob, more on the GA. This contest is by Miss Atikah Maznan. She's still young but her English is good! One of her dreams is to study overseas. You go girl!

I'm very busy atm with work and wedding stuff, so I like this GA very very much because you don't need to write any long, special entry. Just write a short entry about this GA and leave the link of your entry on the contest blog page (plase click on the picture above to be transported there).  The deadline is on 29 February 2012. To those who do not own a blog, you may also enter. Again, click on the picture below to learn about the term and conditions.

1st prize : Cash + t-shirt
2nd prize : Cash
3rd prize : Cash

The winners will be chosen randomly. All the best to the contestants! 

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  1. heyya my dear ! thanks for joining this contest :) btw , i'm already following you . dalam this week saya akan letak semua link blog for those yg join my contest , awak boleh tengok ye . thanks again :)
    haha , btw sis , saya yang dah besar ni pon suka lagi tengok spongebob patrick. malam tido pon dengan si patrick . buat malu je , haha :D


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