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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Chocolate: The best thing that ever happened to women....other than a proposal, of course.

If you love chocolate and pretty little things, then MIZASHOPPE is good news for you! Home made chocolate made with love and tenderness, each one was crafted professionally to meet your unique standard. I should know, because I ordered a basket full of red and white tulips from this successful young lady! *refer picture above*

I have always been fond of tulips since I was a little girl, so I decided to order a bouquet of chocolate tulips as one of my present (hantaran) to my future husband. And...I have a confession to make. I ate 2 pieces of that chocolate from the bouquet BEFORE the engagement ceremony (Yes I AM a chocoholic!) although my fiancee (boyfriend at that time)  said I could only have one. It was just so sweet and pretty, I had to taste it, one of white and one of red. And they taste deliciously amazing!

So, I just gave many many reasons for wanting to win this chocolate. They're cute, tasty, in a form of beautiful tulips, they remind me of my sweet love story, and I am a chocoholic. Okay maybe the last one doesn't count. I also want it to be as one of my wedding hantaran, and maybe this time, darling, you'll let me have 3 pieces? :p


  1. i'm so gonna get that choc for march! hehehe!

  2. U shud! and she's around pantao johor ja...


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