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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hari Raya menjelang tiba...

Raya tahun ni agak best. Rindu family a lot, tp leh raya wif Mr. Katayama. Tp sgt2 lah rindu mkanan Msia. Pegi rumah trbuka smua bwt nasik impit sbb sng lg dr ketupat/lemang kot, but since i LOVE nasik impit so it's not a problem. 1st day beraya ngan Cohot 4, Munchy nya bos & member2 around Railway. Best gila! Fud was super duper awesome. Definitely. Rendang+lemang Dzeti were sinfully delicious. Chicken delicacies at Sultana's house were to die for. Then the next day we all went back to class and continue our ordinary student lives. Until Saturday came, and MSD open house lets us fill our tummies yet again, with mouthwatering food. Again, sedap jugak. And Sunday came, Cohort 4 went sailing (superb!!!) and then pastu me+min+atie balik rock a few songs kat umah wif Guitar Hero n then g umah terbuka Rahim & Purr at WSA. Tingat plak zaman2 last year mse dok ctu. Sure bring back memories. Now my brain is cramped cuz hafta finish 3000 words essay. Darn.

MSD raya

Dak2 Engine

Umah bos Munchy Mart

ye km main guitar hero ngan Sheryll mase ari raya

Sronok tgk diorng makan

Anzac Ave clan

Beraya di WSA

Penguin hugs!

Drama swasta promo poster

The Defenders!

Syawal this year is not bad at all. and still have 5 days to go nk posa 6. mari beramai-ramai.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

If only.

I was utterly bored, and I'm supposed to do my assignments now, but who gives a damn. So I composed a poem for Mr. Katayama, who is burning a midnight oil to finish his last assignment for the week. Just to make him smile. Ganbatte!

If only my walls could talk,
They would tell you,
"She says your name everyday"
"But do you say hers?"

If only my pillows could talk,
They would tell you,
"She cries missing you every night"
"But do you even think about her at night?"

If only my laptop could talk,
It would tell you,
"She looks at your photo every night before she sleeps"
"But how long ago did you look at her pictures and have sweet dreams?"

If only my clothes could talk,
They would tell you,
"She fuses over what to wear just to impress you"
"But do you even care how you look in front of her?"

If only my perfumes could talk,
They would tell you,
"She always wants to smell good when she's with you"
"But do you ever realize that?"

If only my camera could talk,
It would tell you,
"She deletes her own photos, but never ever yours, even the bad ones"
"But do you care when you delete her ugly photos from your camera?"

If only my watch could talk,
It would tell you,
"She looks at the time every second when she's expecting you"
"But why do you still make her wait, even though you know that?"

If only my heart could talk,
It would surely tell you,
"I belong to you, even though I'm hers"
"She gives me completely to you, and please, take good care of me"
"Because she believes in you"
"And inside me, there is only your name"
"No one else, but you"
"She loves you."

Monday, September 14, 2009

Selamat berbuka!

For the first time ever.

I managed to finish a dish served at Angie's Kitchen.

Had wat tan hor for berbuka.

really yummy! =)

pasni nak berbuka ngan chicken balado plak. yeay!

Pejam celik pejam celik dah tnggal less then a week nak raya.

Nak raya kat rumah, tapi sini pon best gak!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Aku nak p pasar ramadan. nak jugak. aku nak pi jugak.

tak kira.