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Monday, May 31, 2010

I don't know what I want anymore

Sometimes you look at other relationships and you could not help but wonder about your own.

Sometimes you see what other couples have, that magical, unspoken bond, and you are so envious of what they have that it makes you hurt.

Sometimes you try to look pass every wrongs and left turns in your own relationship, but they never fail to come back and haunt you.

Sometimes you adore they way other couples interact, laugh, make jokes, but there is nothing you can do to have what they have.

Sometimes you make mistake, but you keep telling yourself that the 'happily ever after' will come someday.

I know I made mistakes in my choices before. Maybe I'm making yet another one.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Because we are humans

All the lies, backstabbing, trust-breaking. Why do humans do that? We live in a world where no one should be trusted. Trust someone, and that person will destroy you. Trust someone with your biggest secret or fear, and the next thing you know, everyone knows about it. Was it so hard to keep a secret to ourselves? If I can keep your secret, then why can't you keep mine? If I supported you, why can't you support me? If I never lied to you, why in hell would you lie about me? You were never better than me in any ways, never ever. So why do you think you are? I know I am not a saint, but neither are you. At this moment all I believe in is God. Allah please lend me Your strength and show me the right path. Amin.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Am I a bad person for wanting so many things but never actually do anything to get them?

Nak jadi kaya tp malas save duet.

Nak jadi kurus tp makan mcm kobau lembu.

Nak jadi solehah tp x berjinak-jinak ngan tudung lg.

Nak jd adult tp x leh berenti whining.

Ya Allah, tolonglah hamba-Mu yang hina ini.

(After all, I need to compete with a Natalie-Portman-look-alike doctor.)