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Saturday, March 13, 2010

I wish...

I wish I could go back to my childhood years. When I had nothing to worry about. When times flies and the only thing that matter is to finish your homework asap so you can go out and play with your friends. When body image, self- esteem issues and life partners never meddle the little brain. Too bad we all have to grow up. To become our own person, and with years that transform our little brains to mature ones, comes along the responsibilities, problems, workload, and relationships. Sometimes I wonder how one can be so laid back in one's life. How one can be so confident and comfortable in one's own skin. How everyone else solve their problems and get on with their lives, even when their problems are bigger than mine. God, please send me someone to lean on. I feel like I'm being left behind.


  1. don't worry, watever hppen, u still have urself, ur family, me and all of us :)

    p/s:jom g hunting laki. haha!

  2. mari2. aku ok ja. tp x rasa lelaki2 kat kedah fail ka? dh la skulmate kta suma pompuan kn. hahha

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. cntoh laki kedah yg fail? mamatkah? haahh!

    if kedah fail, kita g perlis..xpun penang.. jom2!

    p/s: sila ignore komen atas aku..tersilap login.lol

  5. ahaha aku bru heran pasaipa zumi nk comment aku nya page.


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