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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thank you, friends.

I still remember how three years ago when I fell in love with a man performing Hakka in Auditorium IPBA. It seems peculiar how different I was then, and how am I looking at the incident now. It's more unusual having to go up the stage and being in the shoes of the guy who performed Hakka.

But let's forget about the guy for a while or the love story behind that night, since those are not the point of this post. The point is, how I have changed since that night. I was the audience then, and now I'm gonna be the performer. Hence, in the shoes of the guy who performed Hakka.

I can't exactly recall how I agreed to join the UoA-VUW skit team, but I said yes eventually. And I couldn't be happier I joined the team. Frankly, it's the only joyful moments I have in two weeks, with all the overflowing assignments and whatnot. At the end of the day, dancing awkwardly while trying hard to remember all the steps is what I look forward to, every single day. Yes, it's tiring and requires serious commitment and discipline amidst the non-stop ass kicking assignments, but I'm still thankful after each practice. Thank you God for reminding me that life still has its ups.

And I forgot how much I've grow. By grown I mean how much I have aged since three years back. Back then, jumping around is normal and considered healthy. Now, jumping around makes you sweat half dead, possibly straining your ankles and pulling all your veins out of your blood system. Not to forget the kebas-kejang-sakit-urat part. Yes, I have aged. I'm slower and more fragile, but that doesn't make me love dancing any less, even if I suck at it. If possible, I love it all the more.

I'm just thankful with the companions I have nowadays. A lot of people has been brightening my days with laughter, love and food. Yes, food. They helped me through thick and thin, through sorrow and happiness. Thank you, friends. I love you all. =)


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