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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I randomly came across this short story. Sometimes blessings in life come in the simplest form.

"My parents have been married for 35 years.

The other day my mom told me that when my dad calls her up at work to see if she wants to grab a cup of coffee, she still gets butterflies in her stomach.

Their everlasting love gives me hope."

Gave me hope, too. =)


  1. you've been reading givesmehope.com i see!

    smoga kita pon dah tua2 romantic mcm ni kann

  2. ohmaigod dh kantoi ke??? tp soooo sweet kan? kan? kannnn????

    nk pengsan+nanges bc crita2 sweet dia! hehehe...

    ye semoga tua2 pon kta still romantis cmni. ameen... =D

  3. pikah!! this is so comil!!
    it's like a first date even i've never experienced an official date yet, to i believe it must be very sweet especially with our own spouse kan!! congratz to both your parents :)
    lame tuh!! kite igt kan pikah anak sulung, hehe


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