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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Busy busy bee

Oh my my. This weekend has been super hectic for me! Sports training at school, driving mom to everywhere, twice dentist trips within three days! It was tiring, really. On Thursday afternoon after school, I drove straight to Penang for my first dental appointment after a month wearing braces. The dentist changed the wire to a bigger one so that the teeth could be 'forced' to move. Got home around 7 or 8 pm, I practically crashed on my bed like a big fat whale.

On Friday I went out with my brothers, my sister and my mom. Dad was at work and my other brother had classes because he is lame! (haha jk) So, we went to Alor Setar because my mom needs a new pair of shoes, and after that we stopped by at Jitra because she needs to buy some curtain. Guess who was the driver? The eldest daughter of course! At first I was really2 reluctant to go because I wanted to take what used to be my daily dose of afternoon naps (it's been sooo long since I had one!). But my sister and my youngest brother insisted that I came along, so, being the loving eldest that I am, I went (and be their driver for the whole day, driving everyone everywhere). Here are some piccas we took!

Me feeling the soft, soft towels like a crazy person

I remember when I was in high school, I came here and adored they way they colour-coded the towels. I still love it!
The two brothers
McD for lunch. Yummy! Shazwan Zakaria, if you are reading this, I CAN EAT IT NOW. Sekian.
I got it from my mama
With my only sister, and our little man, trying to ruin the shot

That is for Friday. On saturday morning, wait lemme correct that. During the early hours of Saturday morning (4 friggin AM, to be precise) I was woken up by a horrible pain on my gum. Went to the toilet to check it out, turns out that one of the brackets for my braces came friggin off! The hardened cement (used to attach the bracket to the teeth) was so thin, it sliced through my gum, making it bleed and swollen like there's no tomorrow. So I went back to bed, tossed and turned till it's 6.30 and woke up, get ready for my sports practice at school. 

Yeah, I go to school 6 days a week because I love it so much (not!). The practice went from 8 to about 10.30 am. After practice all the teachers went for a drink and although I just want to go home and suffer alone, I agreed to join them. Social gathering and whatsoever, but every passing minute felt like I was in gum hell. After that I went back home at 12, and cried my eyes out like nobody's business because the pain has become so friggin unbearable. At 1pm, finally I decided to drive to the clinic to fix my braces, alone, despite my teary eyes and unbearable pain. So I drove there back and forth like my grandfather owns the road, also pretending like the PDRM summons are just an invitation to the Cinderella ball. I just got back from Penang about an hour ago. 'Tiring' won't even be enough to describe how I feel right now. But at least the gum pain is gone, the bleeding has stopped and the swell has subsided. Alhamdulillah...

Thank you, Zombee, for the sweet and comforting words when I was crying out of pain. Sorry I yelled at you. I yelled because I don't know what else to do. And thank you for the effort of calling every dental clinic in Jitra and Alor Setar to inquire about my braces situation, despite the fact that I yelled at you and you have no Maxis reception atm. That was very thoughtful of you. I really2 appreciate that. God will reply your kindness, InsyaAllah.

P/S: Guess who is the new sickly underweight chick on the block? I couldn't even believe my eyes! Dang! I even paid and got up on the weighing machine twice, just to make sure there's no mistake. My mom saw these numbers and scolded me for being underweight! What??! It's not my fault! I've been eating twice as much, and been very active with all the sports training, the most active I have been in three years time. I even did push ups and cardio with the students. But, why? -_-


  1. seriously? 38?
    ur lighter than me.
    gosh.not to mntion im shorter than u.

    =_= Life somtyms can b unfair

  2. 1st: tu towel2 tu kat pcific ke? gila menarik! xtaw plak aku.hahaha!

    2nd: yes, bgtaw si shazwan zakaria tu. hutang tunggak bila mau bayaq???!!

    3rd: glad to know gigi dah ok. sorry beb xdpt teman ari ni. if u bgtaw me earlier, mayb aku bleh injak masa tgk umah g awal pagi. bleh join g penang pas tu

    4th: oit! pehal dah msuk geng kakya ni??? geng berat bwh 40kg! gain weight oit! makan, makan, tidoq, tidoq! sure naek! hhahaha!

  3. raihana: hehe i was shocked myself. taktau nk buat apa dh. i have low blood pressure, fainted in public last month! so sbb tu cuba nk gain weight lg tp still x menjadi... -_-

  4. tudiaaa miza siap ada 4 section. aku jwb 4 section jugak boleh?

    1st: yes! kt pacific! level stationary. apa org AS xtaw nih! haha!

    2nd: sila paskan informasi kpd laki anda. harap maklum.

    3rd: td tu kira emergency jugak la. dayum saket gila babs.

    4th: haaa taw xpa. habes la bet aku ngan hg ngan mamat. series weh, aku mkn bnyak! bukan aku perasan ka apa, tp mmg betol2 aku mkn bnyk. tp aku jd active sket skrng ni. tup2 berat turun. dh jd underweight. man...

  5. PIKAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..damn im like 13kg more than you!!!!!! dangdidijuststupidlyrevealedmyweight??? lol...
    You should really eat more babe

  6. feliciaaaaaaaa....its ok for u to weight more cuz u are wayyyy taller than me!!!! i've been trying to eat more n more but the weight is still losing nevertheless. when i was trying to diet 2 years then, THIS NEVER happened! *sigh* i feel so bummed, like eating has finally become pointless. ;(


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