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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Birthday cupcakes

Happy Birthday to a very special person, who raised and brought up my special person. May God bless you.

So today is Zombee's mom's birthday. He was so excited telling me about his plans for today; he's gonna wake up at 4am and bake a cake for his mom (he didn't wake up pun), then go to school for his olahraga practice, and come back and go bowling with the whole family. Best gilaks. And I was busy all day too, preparing this and that for my steamboat party (no picture, sucks!!!). Well, not lots of people were there per say, but it was still a party because all we did was eat eat eat and chat chat chat. After the peeps left, I started baking these birthday cupcakes because I sorta promised Zombee the night before (I was kinda joking, but it turned serious, and he'll throw a mild tantrum if I don't do what I said I would). So yeah, when the peeps were here I made strawberry cupcakes with fresh sliced strawberry on top, and then after I made a second batch of  birthday cupcakes. The pictures of strawberry cupcakes are sooooo blur it hurts to even blink after seeing it! Sorry! ;)

Strawberry cupcakes!

I'm so tired now, I'll probably fall asleep soon. Tomorrow I landed a date with the peeps, again. (it seems like we can't have enough of each other!)


  1. oh emm gee!
    hg buat cupcake tu??
    gila rajinnnn!
    kagum gileeee!

  2. ha'ah aku buat lps hg blik td. besday mentua la ktakan kuikuikui

  3. baking queen! ur cupcakes look so yum!

  4. hehe baking queen might be too much, ain. thanks anyways. *blush*

    but yeah, i do enjoy baking n feeding people. so much fun!


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