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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Makan ubat sampai kenyang, tak payah makan nasik

Before I proceed, this is a mopey, negative post. I'm feeling very sad+down+sick while writing this. Nak mengadu kat blog jugak, tak kira. Bukan meraih simpati, cuma mengadu di blog sendiri. Tak suka tak payah baca, betul tak kawan-kawan?

So I went to the clinic just now, because I'm not feeling very good these past three days (Yes, cikgu ponteng sekolah hari ni). Dad had to drive me there because I couldn't drive on my own, the headache is too much.

On top of the 2 types of meds + 3 vitamins im currently taking daily to help me with my low blood pressure, the doc gave me 3 other types of meds to be taken till the fever is gone, and 2 types of vitamins to be taken throughout my life. Because according to him, "Dah orang kurus sangat ni tak boleh nak buat apa. Bagi vitamin dengan suruh makan ja." Dush.

And dad gave me 5 types of meds to be taken too. So sehari berapa bijik ubat aku perlu telan? I hate just thinking about it. It makes me feel like i'm dependent on the meds, and if I stop taking them i'm gonna collapse, or get a fever, or puke, or get a very negative urine result like just now (because I don't drink enough water, not because of drugs, okay!) Dah la kena ambik darah 1 tabung uji. Sakit tau kena cucuk. Oh, not to mentioned the medical expanses. Meds are NOT CHEAP. Dang.

I used to be healthy and a bit chubby. What happened? So those who think being skinny is a good thing, think again. 

On a positive note, I received 2 days of  medical leave.


  1. Gosh... the meds are scary..
    Get well soon hun! we need you back, strong and chirpy!

  2. yes they are! thanks for the warm thoughts hunny~

  3. dont skip makan ubat!
    makan bagik sihat ok bebeh!
    get well soon hun!

    uh oh! aku pun mkn revicon gak.wan paksa aku mkn. if aku xmkn revicon, aku jadi sgt lemah x bermaya by 10pm. so hang pun, amalkan mkn revicon ok..:)

  4. yeah it suck big time huhu. miss u guys so much la.
    hg mkn revicon gk? dia utk bg energy n vit supplement kn? aku mkn tu utk salah 1 ubat low blood pressure. tp sedap sbb dia mnis hehe.
    weh siap kena amik darah taw td. deym lebam tgn aku! xmau xmau xmau dh pasni!

  5. banyak nya ubat.. saya masih baca blog nih.. tak habis2 lg.. just jalan2 kat cni.. nice blog.. kemas jerk..

  6. hi aqma, welcome!!! thanks for dropping by ke blog yg x seberapa ni hehee....kemas eh? thanks a lot.... ;D


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