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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Special Superman cupcakes for a very special occasion

Because you are special to me.....

Happy birthday jellybeans!


  1. thnks hunny!!! love 'em

  2. You are most welcome! =D

    now go away and stop stalking my blog. haha

  3. awwww... btw babe, im still wondering over here how did he arrange the 'syafiqah' cupcakes for u...like did he switch the 'HA' to 'AH'? lol...

  4. raihana n farah: thank you.... ;)

    felicia: haha yes, the alphabets are not 'glued' to the cupcakes so u can easily move them around. but its a cute effort on his side, dont u think? =D

  5. can i have ur cupcakes recipe please?? they look yummy!!

  6. lol most of the cupcakes I made comes from boxes so I don't really need to do anything except add a few eggs and maybe a lil bit of oil or milk. But I LOVE playing around with the recipe, like for vanilla cupcake mix u can change it to chocolate, strawberry or even choc chip! or maybe u can make 2 mix and make layered cupcakes, all up to your creativity. I love playing with them so they come out very weird but hey, they're mine! ;)


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