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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Children of mine.

Hari Guru Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Megat Dewa. Tingkatan 1 Potensi. 2011.

Gonna miss these kids. Not teaching them anymore since I'm teaching MUET.


  1. im trying to imagine u yelling over the form 6s students as, ehem, u look as tall as ur form 1s.

    and i use the word tall.


  2. haha. likes dzeti's comment :p

    comel betul ko ngan anak2 murid sama besar. haha. loving the pic where theres a boy intai your phone. hehe.

  3. dzeti: haha thanks for not using that tabooed word. =D

    shanis: dat boy is my favourite in class. he's tiny, appropriately talkative but always pay attention. I call myself mama when i speak to him. the class calls me his mama too, like, "Aziz, mama hang panggil pi bilik guru ambik buku" ;)


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