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Thursday, February 9, 2012

30 things I want to do before I die

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone. Today I've been blogwalking and I found this one blog that inspires me to list down all the things I want to do before I return to my Creator. The list will be divided into several categories, as inspired by the lovely Miss Nawal

Goal 1 : Learn and memorize the dua' after Yassin
Goal 2 : Attend 'Kursus Pengurusan Jenazah'
Goal 3 : Re-study about tajwid so I'll be a master and I can teach my kids someday
Goal 4 : Memorize all the important surah for daily use

Goal 5 : Get married!
Goal 6 : Be a wonderful wife to my husband, the best wife!
Goal 7 : Live with my husband side by side (need to apply for transfer)

Goal 8 : Learn to sew better than my husband
Goal 9 : Learn about photo and video editing
Goal 10 : Take TEFL course and attain the certificate
Goal 11 : Teach English around Asia

Goal 12 : Detoxify all year round
Goal 13 : Eat lesser sugar (I'm already limiting my intake)
Goal 14 : Eat fruit everyday
Goal 15 : Walk more

Goal 16 : Paint more
Goal 17 : Buy an impressive set of oil painting and paint during my free time
Goal 18 : Design my very own wedding dress

Goal 20 : Be more active and involved in the students' home life
Goal 21 : Write at least one action research every year

Goal 22 : Buy my own house before I turn 27
Goal 23 : Save up to at least RM 4K every year
Goal 24 : Save up for Umrah & Haji

Goal 25 : Go for Umrah before 35 and Haji before 50
Goal 26 : Visit wonderful places and make travel log for each place
Goal 27 : Visit Japan during autumn season
Goal 28 : Pursue my education and live in another country

Goal 29 : Ride a helicopter
Goal 30 : Adopt a child

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