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Monday, November 2, 2009

18 days, and counting.

I told you everything. Not because I want to make you feel jealous. Not because I want to test your temper. Not because I want all the attention. I told you everything because in this life drama that we are starring in, I don't want to play the cheating bastard. Cheating or going behind people's back is not in my nature. But maybe sometimes I do act like that. Maybe I had cheated and gone behind people's back before, but everyone makes mistakes. I know, I'm not perfect. But neither is you. Neither is anyone. I told you what I told you because I don't want to play the cheating bastard. And I wasn't cheating. I am sure of that. If I had cheated on you, why in hell would I tell you anything? I might be slow at times, but I'm far from stupid. I wish I could paint what I feel on a canvas and show it to you. Maybe. Maybe, someday. So Mr. Katayama, if you are reading this, I apologize for what I had done. From the bottom of my heart. Just have faith in me.

How I wish I could freeze the time.


  1. sayang betul hang kat dia ek pikah? takpe, apelah namenye bercinta kalau takde pengorbanan..
    semoga berkekalan..

  2. hehe aten. dh ada sorang tu je. kalau takdakpasni, tak leh cr ganti...

  3. hahah..sapa kata x leh cari ganti?lol.belonggok lg kt msia.tp, xdakla mcm abang katayama ank sorg.lol


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