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Friday, November 6, 2009

God forgive me, for I have sinned

Truly, I believe everyone will be scared thinking that they will lose their loved ones. Everyone will be terrified imagining that. But do we really? I mean, I am not trying to question your sincerity, but I am merely questioning how much have you really gave a thought about that matter?

Like everyone else, I am scared of losing the people I love dearly in my life. But it never really occurred to me how much it will hurt. What would I do long after they are gone? Will small things like their perfume and the sound of their laughter lingers after they are long gone? And if I do feel them around, is it really them, or just a pigment of my imagination? If someone you love is gone forever, how long would it take for you to move on? Or will you not?

I (accidentally) read a very honest, touching blog this morning (I should have studied linguistics!). Have you ever read a blog of a total stranger and cried from it? Have you ever felt that what she went through, was so close to your heart and you feel like as if you are experiencing the same thing she experienced, without even knowing her name? Heartagram, I'm thankful that I found you. Because you made me realize those little things I was too scared to think of.

We often think that our problem is the biggest among all problems. Not having enough money to spend, having slow internet connection, arguing with bf, so many things to study for exam and whatnot. Maybe you have, maybe you have not. Today, reality came knocking on my conscience door. It said "Hello. Other people have bigger problems than you. Grow up." That shocks me, and redirect my moral compass. God please forgive me, for I have sinned. I will try to stop worrying much about the smallest-littlest-unimportant-things in my life, and just try to be thankful everyday, every time, for all the blessings HE gave me. Amen.

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  1. tanx.
    my tears doesn't bring him back.
    now i'm realize that he gone forever.
    live your life.
    so,you'll no regret for something in future.


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